Electric lift trucks, an investment in the future

The demand for electric lift trucks has significantly risen over the last few years. The constant increase in fuel prices, as well as the development of new environmental laws, have directed this product towards the spotlight. Last month, the UK Parliament declared an ‘environmental and climate change emergency’ with the purpose of reaching zero emissions by 2050 in England. In Scotland, the goal may be achieved even sooner, by 2045. Therefore, the necessity for companies to take further action regarding greenhouse emissions is required more than ever before.

Electric efficient machinery

Within the forklift sector, electric equipment offers a great alternative to internal combustion (IC) engines. However, the popularity of this type of forklift is not simply based on environmental matters. The efficiency of this lifting machinery has been widely proven. The high quality of lithium batteries, now available, makes them a very reliable product. Alongside it, they are generally silent and as easy-to-use as a diesel or gas forklifts. Additionally, in the long term, the overall cost drops down due to its low amount of energy required to recharge the battery. Hence, gathering all the attributes and advantages, the electric forklift seems to have all the future requirements of the industry.

Thus top forklift manufacturers, such as Doosan Industrial Vehicles, invested heavily in research and development to cover an increasing demand in the UK. As a result, Doosan provides a 7-series full AC range of trucks, which is one of the largest currently on the market. A significant feature is the side ‘lift-in-lift-out battery change system’. Through that, the battery changing process is quicker and 100% safe, highly improving productivity.

A lift truck for each application

Each business has its own characteristics. Thus, they require a specific forklift that is tailored to their needs. Under those circumstances, electric forklifts are designed with different types of features to suit each application. So, when choosing this type of equipment, we must bear in mind the following:


First things first. No doubt when talking about an economic transaction, money is key. So, to start with, you need to decide whether you want to buy or hire a forklift. Electric lift trucks do involve a slightly higher upfront investment than the equivalent IC lift capacity. Nonetheless, they require fewer repair and maintenance costs. With that in mind, this type of forklift seems ideal for a long-term need when your budget is key.


Battery endurance has highly improved thanks to innovative technology. To charge or replace a battery is faster nowadays. Besides, the alternating current (AC) has taken over and has replaced the direct current (DC). Therefore, AC motors can keep full power until the battery is to be changed which mean less downtime and better efficiency.

Storage space

Another consideration is the storage space available within your workplace. When acquiring an electric lift-truck, space for chargers is required as well as the forklift for recharging purposes. So, bear that in mind when thinking about your planning.

Load capacity

So far, IC forklifts have been the traditional choice. Consequently, they were designed to carry heavier weight. However, technology evolves by leaps and bounds so higher-electric-capacity forklifts have begun to cover such demand.

Type of activity

Due to its zero-emissions feature, an electric lift truck is the most suitable option for indoor and warehouse activities. Without harmful fumes for the operator or the workers nearby, they are safer and clean for everybody.

Finally, regardless of all this evidence, if you are unsure which type of forklift may suit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us to help you out with that process.

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