Your forklift supplier, why local?

Let me ask you something, why would you choose a forklift supplier?

This question seems very straightforward, but it is harder than it appears to be at first. When buying or hiring materials handling equipment, costumers mainly seek good equipment at a reasonable price. Fair enough. We all are behind “good deals”. However, most of the time buying-decision lies solely in price. As a result, companies may forget other considerations that are highly important in the decision-making process. In regard to that, an efficient back-up service and maintenance support should be one of the key factors.

Breakdown time

Although it is likely nobody tells you that, it is rather true: breakdown happens. Despite the lift truck features, there are many causes behind a breakdown, such as an overused or a simple mistake. Regardless of the causes, when a breakdown occurs, costumers need a prompt and efficient solution in order to keep operating their business as usual. Under those circumstances, it is when a forklift supplier makes a substantial difference. An approachable team as Ful-ton, who is easily reached when needed, can help you avoid prolonged downtime periods. Consequently, local is a feature to bear in mind before picking a forklift dealer as it is at this point when small companies show their strength over global corporations.

Proximity both ways

On the one hand, local dealers are located closer to your workplace. As a result, in case of an emergency, they will be able to assist you faster. From the minute you call until your issue is sorted out, there will have passed a certain amount of time. Thus, the less time it is spent on the road, the shorter will be your waiting time.

On the other hand, as we have mentioned before, there are many types of breakdown. Sometimes, it will require an expert engineer to fix the problem. Conversely, some issues can be easily resolved within a phone interaction. Being a local forklift supplier, we have a huge advantage in that regard as you speak to the same member of the team during the whole process.

In contrast, nowadays, big companies tend to externalize their customer service departments due to business size. Although it is a valid option, dealing with call centres may become a bit tough. Everyone has been through those calls in which a complaint endlessly escalates throughout different people or departments. Hence, the proximity offered locally goes in both directions, geographically and personally.

Local, local, local

Apart from that, local businesses contribute to growing local economies, essentially because the investment returns back to the community. In addition, small companies generate more employment opportunities. Only in the UK, SMEs employed 16.3 million people in 2018. So, neighbours can find a job opportunity near home avoiding tedious traffic jams and saving precious time.

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